Talent Management with Technology

HATS helps to optimize recruitment management, retain and develop talent. Save $1,000,000 through recruiting the properly resources.
(HATS BP CES Case Study)

How It Work​

Interacting with talents

Build the interaction between business and talented people to better understand the company's resources.

Retaining Talent​

Connect talent with business.

Talent Development

Develop an appropriate talent development program.


Pre-Hire Assessment

Reduce administrative burden by more than 70% by automatically screening and ranking candidates with a custom-built questionnaire that targets your ideal qualifications.

Leadership Development

Management success behaviors can vary according to the specific role and company culture. Our 600+ customizable variations target specific behaviors for development and provide development plans.

Individual Development

Increase engagement by assessing individual passions, motivations, expectations, and fulfillment of expectations. Discuss mutual needs and target behavioral gaps to achieve employee expectations.

Team Development

Discover essential insights related to the 5 collaboration behavioral competencies proven to grow profits. Achieve organizational development through strong team collaboration and targeted development plans.


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